Surrealism in Wales: Artworks and Images


by Jean Bonnin

For the first time in print Black Egg Publishing presents a collection of incredible artworks and images that comprise the story of Surrealism in Wales.

The mysticism and magic, as well as the radicalism, subversion and humour. Surrealism – as we can see from this selection – takes a sideways glance at reality and thumbs its nose at the moribund conventions and institutions that constitute modern society. Surrealism is a revolution of the mind as much as anything else… Surrealism in and from Wales adds Merlin, alchemy, the secrets of its stone circles, and a subconscious appreciation and wonderment of the poetic mysteries of the universe, into the mix.

Surrealism was only to do with melted clocks and Monty Python why not try a bit of Dragon in your surrealist soup… 

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