Jean Bonnin is half Welsh and half French. He is a Surrealist and neo-Dadaist, who is becoming more widely known in the anti-artworld as being at the forefront of the new surge in Celtic Surrealism.

He has also been published as an author of novels, translator of surrealist texts, and poet. In addition to which he was involved for many years with the avant-garde music scene. Ever since the 1980s… including being part of the Berlin underground music scene in the 1990s, and the northern French free-style Punk music scene before that. Mostly in collaboration he has released over twenty-five music albums.

In Bonnin’s writing, his music, and certainly his anti-art he is concerned with hidden truths. What is it like to see beyond the surface of things? What is it like to not accept what our five senses tell us exist? What don’t we see and can’t see, which is nonetheless there? There are multifarious worlds which surround us and which are part of us. We are sometimes, briefly, in contact with these other realities: a new truth, a new enlightenment, a new question, smacks us in the face, and then is gone. And we are left metaphorically standing on a desolate wet and windy road questioning whether what we thought we experienced really happened; did we break through momentarily to some new manner of comprehension, or was it all just a figment of our imaginations?

I dream therefore I am…

Jean Bonnin is quixotically high spirited for having invented Surrealistic Ping Pong; to have read poetry while wearing a mask in the bath of André Breton; to have appeared live on stage with Robbie Krieger (The Doors guitarist); and to be a double world record holder.