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Catalogues are an important part of the cultural life of artists, galleries and those wishing to shake things up. They serve as a snapshot of an event, a door into a world that has passed but quite often may well have left ripples that affect the present in ways that may not have been perceived at the time of the original event; and may not be truly understood for some time to come.

At a basic level they indicate who was where and when they were there. Catalogues, gallery catalogues and event catalogues, are so much more than that though. They include, often, articles, essays, poems and pictures by those who were at the event; either those who were displaying works or talking at the events, or distinguished commentators reflecting upon the importance of such and such an event.

As a writer, and, at least in part, a writer on Surrealist issues and events, a Catalogue often serves as an invaluable window into an event that I wish I had been able to attend; a feeling I’m sure others share. They also provide rare pathways into the minds and attitudes of those who were there, and, often, what was going on culturally and politically at the time: Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement and so forth…

Here we have decided to make available some rare catalogues that are replete with images and articles that will no doubt be of interest to many… and which might otherwise be lost or never seen again. These images and articles we feel should be available to those who were not there and are intrigued and interested in what went on, where it went on, and who contributed to the event.