Surrealism: Surrealism in Wales


by Jean Bonnin
ISBN: 978-1-9998215-4-8
230+ pages

For the first time in print Black Egg Publishing presents the incredible story of Surrealism in Wales.

The history, the radicalism, the mystery, the art and the poetry… From Stonehenge to Merlin, King Arthur and Guinevere; from the Welsh Bards to The Prisoner and Brian Jones; and from Monty Python’s Terry Jones and the Miners’ Strike, to Punk and the Velvet Underground. And along with a consideration of Surrealism within Welsh Cinema and Welsh Music, at long last the nagging question of whether Elvis Presley was Welsh is finally answered.  This is a book both for those who know little about Surrealism as well as for those who have followed the movement for some time…

Not only is Surrealism, Wales, and Surrealism in Wales covered, but the overlapping movements of Dada, Situationism and Fluxus are also touched upon. For those who thought Surrealism was only to do with melted clocks, why not try a bit of Dragon in your surrealist soup…

This is the luxury highest quality paper edition of this book (only available from this site).

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