The Cubist’s House


by Jean Bonnin
A Novel
ISBN: 978-0957125858
264 pages

If Marcel Duchamp, Friedrich Nietzsche and Le Corbusier collaborated on a project The Cubist’s House would be the result. A cross between The Prisoner and Tales of the Unexpected things aren’t always quite how they appear. When English Literature lecturer and minor author Jethro Carmichael returns home to find his apartment ransacked and his partner gone missing he decides it’s all getting too much for him and it’s time for a change of scenery. Renney van der Stratten is an American pretending to be Dutch… His bigoted Bostonian mother, and his whisky-swilling father aren’t helping his state of mind. Nor is the fact that his antique dealership appears to be going down the pan. Jethro takes a year’s sabbatical and retreats to an unremarkable Adriatic island… And on discovering revolutionary 60s graffiti and extraordinary oil paintings in his basement, and having the feeling someone is out to kill him, Renney also decides to retreat to an unremarkable Adriatic island. But it is only when their paths cross that things begin to get really strange… Learning about the house designed by a Cubist architect; meeting the German woman in a cove; and overhearing the safari suit-wearing eccentric recounting stories about the Soviet Union; all result in Jethro beginning to write again. To write what could turn out to be his opus…

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