Magical Science
by Malcolm de Chazal


Translated by Jean Bonnin
56 pages
ISBN: 978-0957125872

Malcolm de Chazal is looking at the universe, space-time and spirituality and arriving at a unique manner by which to consider existence. Everything is part of the whole and everything exists in a fundamental state which is beyond mere consciousness. In this, the sequel to Magical Sense, de Chazal has cast his vision wider: he coaxes us to consider the great quandaries, but in order for us to do this he provides us with definitions and insights to equip us with the necessary tools to be able to analyse those big questions in the first instance. In addition to these considerations de Chazal as always sees things that we don’t all see, and is able to put across his visions and wisdoms in an often surrealistic and amusing manner. Spirituality, insight and humour – Malcolm de Chazal was an original artist, thinker and writer. And in Magical Science we see proof of his uniqueness…

(And as a technical aside Jean Bonnin has exactly reproduced de Chazal’s quirky and eccentric use of capital letters and spaces).

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