Once Upon a Tomorrow/Un Tro Yfory – 9th April 2023



The Globe Theatre – Hay-on-Wye
Cymru / Wales
9th April 2023

The largest surrealist event in the UK and certainly in Cymru/Wales for many years was attended by many of the active surrealists from the UK. Equally, if not more importantly, it was attended by many people who were simply curious as to the nature of this radical and subversive movement called surrealism.

There were introductions and talks on the nature of surrealism: what it is and what it is not; its history and its (if anything) increasing relevance in this modern world filled to bursting point with exploitation, greed and environmental destruction. There was discussion of Surrealism in Wales and how it is potentially slightly different in form – possibly in relation to its overlapping with the insights of other ancient cultures.

After refreshment breaks there were several surrealist films played, both older and more recent for the enjoyment of the many who were present… The final explosion of miserablism-cracking activity were several poetry recitals by members of the Tribe of Welsh Surrealists…

It was a revolutionary event that was enjoyed by all those present, an event whose ripples will lap at the banks of time for many years to come.

This limited catalogue is a guide to this momentous day. It includes the programme-cum-running order of the day; some of the artworks and images that were part of the exhibition; it includes the biographies of those who participated; as well as an explanation of what surrealism is and what surrealism in wales is – and its relationship to the zine: Once Upon A Tomorrow / Un Tro Yfory (examples of which are included within the pages of this catalogue)… For those who were unable to be there – this is a very good indicator of the fun, mischief, and contrariness that those present got up to.