The Nuremberg Trials: A Personal History


By Georges Bonnin

Edited by Jean Bonnin & Lyn Bonnin
374 pages
ISBN: 978-0957125841

This is one of the most fascinating books you are likely to encounter concerning the Nuremberg Trials. A personal account by an internationally respected historian who attended the Nuremberg Trials as a young French observing lawyer… Georges Bonnin recounts the Trials and how he was sitting only a couple of metres away from Goering, for example; he tells us of the conversations and intrigue in the corridors, about the restaurants and parties attended, and the gossip and the final judgements. In addition to this he tells us of his imprisonment by the Nazis in Toulouse towards the end of the war, and his experiences as a prisoner in occupied France. As both a historian and a lawyer Georges Bonnin provides us with an invaluable account of these times by someone who was there.

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