The Song of the Cobweb


By Jean Bonnin
A Book of Poetry
ISBN: 9781999821586

The Song of the Cobweb is a collection of poetry that transports the reader to lands that are mystical and magical, where Rimbaud once walked and where the normal rules of physics do not quite apply. Something is slightly different, something is just out of focus, just out of reach – but if we squint and if we stretch for it it may just aid us on this strange unfathomable journey we are on. A journey where those who truly comprehend the boundaries and the rules governing the path we tread know full well that we must invent the rules as we go along… Not all are aware of this; some have an inkling but may not have the courage (often for good reasons) to unrestrictedly throw everything into the wind to see what scatters where… Some poets have this inkling, and some poets have the confidence to allow their lives to be governed by this knowledge. This poet feels it, knows it and follows its haphazardness to see where it takes him; unfettered, unrestricted abandon to the swaying notions of the rhythms of the undefinable… The Song of the Cobweb will take you on this journey with him.

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