Rose Humour
by Malcolm de Chazal


Translated by Jean Bonnin
ISBN: 978-1-7397946-0-6

Malcolm de Chazal was a writer, artist and poet.
W.H.Auden said of him that he was “…the most original
and interesting French writer to emerge since the war.”
André Breton, the founder of surrealism, hailed Malcolm de Chazal
as a surrealist; and due to the insistence of Breton, Georges Braque
and Jean Dubuffet he began to paint. First and foremost, however,
he was a writer…

He is looking at the universe, space-time and spirituality
and arriving at a unique manner by which to consider existence.
Everything is part of the whole and everything exists in a
fundamental state which is beyond mere consciousness.
Malcolm de Chazal sees things that we don’t all see, and is able to
put across his visions and wisdoms
in an often surrealist, amusing, animistic
and thought-provoking

Spirituality, insight and humour …
Malcolm de Chazal was an original artist, thinker and writer.
And in Rose Humour we see proof of this uniqueness.

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